Master the art of airbrushing and bring your cake to life with the stroke of an airbrush pen. Create your own stencils and achieve breathtaking designs in a matter of minutes.

Price: ₦40,000 | Duration: 2 Days
Course Date: Available on demand
10am - 1pm
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  • Getting to know your airbrush
  • How to use an airbrush
    1. Aiming
    2. Controlling the spray
    3. Fogging
    4. Feathering
  • Using ready made stencils
  • Making your own stencils
    1. Border stencils
    2. Cloud stencils
  • Techniques
    1. Tea cloth effect
    2. Background scenery effect
    3. Metallic shading effect
  • Airbrushing flowers


  • Airbrushing machine and airbrush colours
  • We provide a pack of free stencils!
  • NOTE:
    It is important to ensure that all the aforementioned items are obtained before the commencement of the course.